A Responsive County Government

Many of our unincorporated areas and small towns have been neglected by the county government. I will fight to protect our small towns and communities, while holding the county accountable for the services that it provides in District 4. I will be our small town area’s champion on issues that have been put on hold due to lack of attention.



Agriculture, Environment, and Natural Resources

Kern County is the second largest food producer in the nation. With agriculture being a dominant part of our local economy, I will support policies that promote agricultural development, while protecting the natural resources that are needed to maintain both high quantity and high quality food production. I will also fight for better water policies that focus on both conveyance and storage, which will create more jobs for our farm workers and their families.


Economic Development and Job Creation

Our small towns and unincorporated areas have suffered from higher unemployment and have struggled with the boom and bust nature of agribusiness. If elected, I will fight to bring new businesses to District 4, as I have in Delano that will to improve employment opportunities for our residents.



Human Services

I am committed to making sure that our county social services are efficient and available to as many residents who qualify for assistance. Our most vulnerable residents should to be able to quickly receive the services that they need. I will also seek partnerships with private and non-profit organizations when possible to help augment the delivery of our human services. I will focus on affordable elder care and a better delivery system that is responsive to our residents in our smaller towns outside of Bakersfield.




I will make sure that our roads are safe and well maintained. I will also make sure that District 4 is adequately served by Kern Transit to and from our small communities into large hubs like Bakersfield.



Parks and Recreation

County parks and recreational facilities need to be accessible and well maintained. I will make sure that District 4 is well served by these facilities so that our families and youth will have plenty of outdoor recreation areas and that our facilities are kept up, clean, and safe.


Public Health

The Kern County Department of Public Health is our front-line agency for protecting the health of our residents. Our local health services should be well funded and should partner with the state and other counties in the Valley to achieve better health outcomes. I will fight for preventative health efforts and do as much as I can to advocate for protecting and expanding health care reform to bring quality care to as many residents as possible.

Public Safety

We have too many cracks in our public safety system for rural communities. I plan to create a better delivery system where our small towns are integrated and coordinated so that the safety issues facing our residents are less likely to fall through the cracks. I will make sure that public safety issues are identified and resolved before they become more serious and costly. I plan to involve our small towns in establishing indicators that reflect community priorities and a shared definition of safety and well-being.


Transportation and Public Works

I will support innovative transportation and public works projects that integrate with our county’s land use and the needs of our economy and working people, while considering ecological factors. I will advocate for funding transportation systems that lessen the impact on our environment so that we can all breathe better air.